Code of conduct and ethics

Ethics for Student



  • Attend all lectures regularly.
  • Maintain discipline.
  • Switch off or keep your mobile phones on silent mode in the college.
  • Always be in the college’s uniform and keep identity cards.
  • Switch off electrical devices after use.
  • Respect teachers and maintain cordial relationship.
  • Respect all religions and maintain communal harmony in the college.
  • Always put garbage in the dustbin.


  • Don’t break the college’s furniture.
  • Don’t damage the college’s property.
  • Don’t waste drinking water.
  • Don’t spit or write on the college’s walls.
  • Don’t consume tobacco or ghutaka or other alcoholic substances in the college.
  • Don’t drink or smoke in the college.
  • Don’t keep destructive weapons in the college.
  • Don’t pluck flowers or throw garbage in the college.
  • Doesn’t eve tease or harass girls.
  • Don’t miss conduct in the college.                    

Ethics for Professors


  • Reach the college on time.
  • Switch off fans and lights after use.
  • Be honest and punctual in work.
  • Maintain discipline the college.
  • Be soft and use good language in the class room.
  • Establish cordial relationship with students.


    Don’t take active part in politics or any violent demonstration.
  • Don’t contribute to the Press any matter in connection with the college without permission of the principal.
  • Don’t smoke or drink in the college.
  • Don’t consume tobacco, ghutka or other alcoholic substances.
  • Don’t use mobile phone in the class room.
  • Don’t abuse or harass lady teacher in the college.
  • Don’t leave the college campus without permission of the principal in working hours.  



Code of Conduct for Students

Code of Conduct for Teachers

Code of Conduct for Principals