‘Research Guidance Cell’



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Aims and Objectives


  • To increase the natural curiosity of students.

  • To enhance research tendency among students.

  • To motivate the student to undertake research   work.

  • To guide the Students & Researchers in Research.

  • To provide information to the students to complete   Research project.

  • To motivate and provide information to the students/Researchers to complete Research projects.


Structure of Research Guidance Cell


  • Principal of the institution shall be the chairman of R.G.C.

  • Professor having Ph.D degree shall be the Co-ordinator of R.G.C.

  • There shall be one/two member from each Faculty according to rotation.


Advisory Body


Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Designation
1. Dr. D. D. Koturwar Chairman
2. Dr. Y. S. Mankar Co-ordinator
3. Dr. P. S. Kalmegh Member
4. Dr. D. K. Khupse Member
5. Dr. C. T. Sardar Member
6. Prof. S. N. Bansod Member